What To Look For In Breast Augmentation Before And After Photos

Here are a patient's different angles of her breasts and arms before breast augmentation surgery.

Breast augmentation is a popular procedure that helps many women feel more confident and comfortable in their bodies. That’s why it’s important to choose the right surgeon for your procedure. Make sure to study your surgeon’s before and after photos to find the best breast implant results. Much like an artist’s portfolio, these photos are a great way to explore the results your surgeon can deliver. Perimeter Plastic Surgery can show you what to look for in breast augmentation before and after photos with these five tips.

Women With Your Body Type

When it comes to breast augmentation, Atlanta women have world-class options. You can find a range of beautiful results performed on local women. However, Perimeter Plastic Surgery knows that you’re not like every woman in town. You have a unique body type with your own starting breast shape, muscle structure, proportions, and more.

Atlanta’s best breast augmentation surgeons create beautiful, natural-looking results on any body type. Look for before pictures of women with bodies like yours, then study the after photos to see what you can expect from your procedure.

Breast Proportion And Symmetry

Augmented breasts should be improved in every quality, not merely in size. The best breast implants show beautiful symmetry between breasts. You should also look for pleasing proportions across the entire bust. The Perimeter Plastic Surgery team focuses on a lovely appearance that enhances your best attributes without looking artificial.

Beautiful Results On Many Different Women

Every woman’s body is different. The best breast augmentation surgeons in Atlanta have worked on a range of body types yet still created beautiful improvements for every patient. Examine a doctor’s before and after pictures closely. You should be able to find amazing results on many unique frames.

Make sure your surgeon crafts the best individual solution for each patient. If every after-picture features breasts that look the same, then that doctor probably can’t deliver personalized results that suit your body.

Natural-Looking Results

Your breast augmentation Atlanta journey should result in a natural, authentic silhouette. Study a surgeon’s after pictures closely to see if their results look natural or if they look fake. Cosmetic procedures like breast augmentation help you look like the ideal version of yourself. The Perimeter Plastic Surgery team never wants patients to feel that they look unnatural, artificial, or fake. That’s why the team focuses on creating beautiful, natural results for every patient.

Breast Augmenation Before After Images

Subtle Scar Placement

Breast augmentations and other surgical procedures always leave some scarring, but today’s best plastic surgeons can minimize these side effects. Your augmentation scars should be subtle and easily hidden under clothing and bathing suits. Perimeter Plastic Surgery can also show you how to promote scar healing, eventually leading to almost invisible scars when nude.

Examine after pictures to see where a surgeon makes incisions. A good surgeon minimizes scarring as much as possible for a smooth recovery and long-lasting results.

Learn More About Breast Augmentations

Breast augmentation before and after photos are one of your best tools for learning what to expect from your procedure. Just like you’d never choose a hairdresser, cake decorator, or interior designer without flipping through their portfolio, you shouldn’t choose a plastic surgeon without carefully examining their before and after photos. We’re proud of our results at Perimeter Plastic Surgery. Explore our before and after galleries to see what we’ve achieved for our current patients. Then contact us today to learn more about your personal breast augmentation options.