All of Dr. Deutsch’s patients have provided their consent to display their pictures online.

Patient 1: 42-year-old female was diagnosed with left breast DCIS and elected to have a right prophylactic mastectomy with her left skin-sparing mastectomy. She wore a 34B cup and wanted to be a C cup. She underwent bilateral latissimus flap and implant breast reconstruction and her pictures were taken following bilateral nipple reconstruction and tattoo of her areolas.

Patient 2: 34-year-old BRCA positive female was scheduled for a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy for high-risk breast disease. She wore a 42H cup and wanted to be a C cup. She elected to have bilateral latissimus flap and implant reconstruction. She has 375 cc high profile gel implants and she is currently a C cup. Pictures shown are 3 years post op.

Patient 3: 42-year-old female had right breast DCIS and had a right mastectomy with prophylactic mastectomy on the left side. She underwent bilateral latissimus flap and tissue expander reconstruction and the expanders were exchanged for 600 cc gel implants. The post-op pictures were taken 1 year after her mastectomies.

Patient 4: This patient had a deformity of the right breast following lumpectomy and radiation. She had a latissimus flap reconstruction of the lower right breast and she is shown following completion of her reconstruction.