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A mastopexy is a breast lift that’s performed to relieve breast drooping, also known as “ptosis.” Sagging breast skin causes the nipple areola complex to be located lower than it should and in addition, the shifting of breast fullness becomes compromised. This is a cosmetic procedure and is often combined with simultaneous implant insertion to restore a former breast size or even to slightly augment a breast. Mild ptosis may require minimal skin removal just above the areola, while severe ptosis may require the incisions from the breast reduction to remove adequate skin to lift the breast. Recovery and complications of a breast lift are the same as the breast reduction. View breast lift (mastopexy) before and after pictures.

What is the Difference Between a Breast Lift and Breast Implants?

Are you unhappy with your natural breasts? Perhaps you have more sagging than you’d like? Or maybe your breasts seem too small, asymmetrical or disproportional? If so, you might be considering cosmetic surgery in hopes of improving the size, shape or look of your breasts. However, you may be unsure exactly which breast enhancement procedure is right for you.

There are two main types of breast enhancement procedures to choose from: breast implant surgery (often called breast augmentation or breast enlargement) or the breast lift (also known as a mastopexy). Knowing the difference between them is crucial in determining which procedure is most appropriate for you.

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