What Information Do We Collect?

We collect the following personal information only when you fill out a Contact Us form:

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If you choose to browse through our site without filling out a Contact Us form, no information will be collected. We do not sell your personal information. It is retained solely to contact you.

What We Do With Information Collected

When you fill out the Contact Us form, we use your name, email address and phone number to you and to have alternate means of contacting you for the following reasons:

  • To follow-up with you after you filled out a Contact Us form about any questions/concerns
  • To request feedback on how we can improve our website and services
  • To improve your customer service experience
  • To send emails and/or surveys about promotional products/deals
  • To send updates related to product and/or service information

We will not distribute your personal information to anyone or any company without your consent. We do not share your personal information with outside parties.


The photographs are of real patients of Dr. Deutsch. These patients have agreed to be a part of this website strictly as an informative tool. The pictures are meant to provide an idea of surgical outcomes. Please remember that each patient’s results are individual and unique to body form. In addition, any surgical procedure elicits scars. The degree of scar formation is also on an individual basis. Scars do improve with time and with appropriate massage and protection from the sun. Dr. Deutsch can also improve scar appearance through injections and/or surgical revision.