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  • Dr. Deutsch is nothing short of a perfectionist with a degree in artistry. I went from a breast cancer patient to a proud, perky and healthy woman. This phenomenal doctor completely changed my life. While Dr. Deutsch was relentless in improving my breasts, his staff was there to support me emotionally through its entirety. I have never met a doctor who is more respected by his colleagues than Dr. D. Thank you doc. You literally saved my life and my emotional sanity. I am grateful to have you as a physician.

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  • I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in December. It was a real shock! I meet with four Plastic Surgeons before I met Dr. Deutsch. I did not have a good experience with the other Plastic Surgeons that I met. I am extremely happy that I chose Dr. Deutsch. Dr. Deutsch is very compassionate and a very skilled Surgeon. I had a bilateral mastectomy with the Latissimus Flap reconstruction. I am showing off my breasts to everyone who will look because he did such a great job! His office staff and nurses are wonderful! They are very friendly and helpful! I would highly recommend Dr. Deutsch and Perimeter Plastic Surgery.

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  • As a trial lawyer my appearance is important to my job. I became a patient of Perimeter Plastic Surgery due to all the great things I heard about the people there. While meeting with Dr. Deutsch I informed him that my neck was often the feature that I was displeased with as I was genetically predisposed to store fat there. I always felt that my neck kept me from having the well defined jaw line that I wanted.

    Dr. Deutsch told me of a new non-surgical out patient treatment option called Kybella. The thought of having a shot in my neck to dissolve this fatty deposit sounded much better than surgery and was even better as the Kybella lasts a lifetime. I was incredibly pleased with the procedure and many people noticed my results within two (2) weeks. I recently went back for a second application and cannot wait for the final results. I would certainly recommend this treatment option as there is no down time and my neck and jawline look amazing!

    JG, male patient, 43 years old

  • I never thought I would have a long term relationship with a plastic surgeon, but five years ago I started a journey to try to improve my appearance due to the loss of a breast due to cancer. I chose Dr. Mark Deutsch of Perimeter Plastic to preform a single reconstruction that turned into a double when a mammogram made it look as if the cancer had returned in the remaining breast. He used excess skin and fat from my abdomen to make two new breast using the DIEP procedure. After a very long surgery, I emerged with two reasonably natural looking breast and a wonderfully flat stomach. This was followed by several much less intensive surgeries to tweet the shapes and improve their appearance. Dr. Deutsch has also helped me to mitigate the ravaged of time on my 60 year old face.

    Through out my experience, I have found Dr. Deutsch to be kind and understanding, conservative and most importantly, skillful. Most of the procedures were fairly painless and none resulted in an infection or unsatisfactory result.
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  • To: Mark Deutsch,

    Words cannot express how happy you have made me since my abdominoplasty a year ago. I could never imagine the day I could wear a two-piece bathing suit. You made my vision of having a flat tummy a reality. May you be blessed in pouring joy in women (maybe men) for many years to come. Please take this small token as my gratitude for something in appreciation to this great gift you bestowed me (a sexy body at 40).

    Happy Holidays and thank you for everything!!!

  • I have been considering a breast augmentation for almost a decade, but was afraid that I wouldn’t get the natural look to fit my petite frame (5’2, 120 lbs). I was a 34A, and after nursing my breasts were terribly saggy and flat. I wanted a very natural look (34 C), and Dr. Deutsch provided just that!

    Dr. Deutsch’s vast experience and expertise was evident during my initial consultation. He listened to my concerns and understood that I desired a very natural look. After a series of measurements, he helped me determine which implants would be the right size for my frame. I chose 270cc for the LT breast and 300cc for the RT (to offset my uneven breast size).

    Before surgery I barely filled a 34A bra. Now, I am a full C cup. All my clothes still fit, which shows me just how small I was! Dr. Deutsch helped created a very natural, normal look, and I’m extremely pleased with the results. (In fact, the first time I took a good look at myself in a full-length mirror, my first thought was “oh, this is how I was always supposed to look”!) Can’t believe I waited almost 10 years to have the surgery! I am 1 month post-op, and am really beginning to enjoy my new look.
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  • I have been very curious about trying Botox and Juvederm, but have always been too nervous. I was mostly afraid that I would end up with the “frozen” look you see on so many celebrities in magazines. After meeting with Dr. Deutsch, he explained how those were bad examples of injectibles, and that I would have a completely natural result. One month later I cant believe that I waited so long to schedule my appointment, and my results are amazing! I would highly recommend him, and have already done so!
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  • Dr. Deutsch did an amazing job repairing my abdominal muscle. My stomach is completely flat and now 7 months later after regular exercise, I can see muscle definition in my stomach. It is truly freeing to not have the extra skin and NO MUFFIN TOP! And as an added bonus, he throws in a little liposuction while he’s in surgery. My breasts are no longer flat. He was able to insert the implants without doing a lift as well. He will recommend what he things you need versus what costs the most money. Thank you Dr. Deutsch for doing a wonderful job! Review

  • Truly the BEST reconstruction surgeon in Atlanta! He AND his staff have been instrumental in my journey after breast cancer. Very knowledgeable and very supportive of breast cancer research! Both of my sisters switched from other surgeons to Dr. Deutsch. We were honored to be part the Perimeter Plastic Surgery team for the 2015 Komen 5K!
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