A Mommy Makeover typically consists of the tummy tuck combined with a breast procedure, as these two areas are most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding; common breast procedures are breast lifts and breast augmentations. Sometimes the breast is unaffected, so the second procedure could be liposuction of other body areas.

Voted the Best Plastic Surgeon in Atlanta, Dr. Mark Deutsch is a double board-certified surgeon with over 34 years of experience. He serves the Atlanta Metropolitan area from two convenient locations Atlanta and Fayetteville.

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Mommy Makeover At a Glance: Cost & Surgery Information 

Perimeter Plastic Surgery’s Mommy Makeover package includes a tummy tuck and the choice between a breast augmentation, breast lift, or breast reduction with 15% off of the second procedure. 

  • Average Cost: $12,000 – $15,000
  • Average Recovery Time: 4-6 weeks
  • First Follow-Up Appointment: 1-3 days after surgery
  • Office Locations: Atlanta and Fayetteville

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Breaking Down the Cost of a Mommy Makeover

Several elements contribute to the overall Mommy Makeover cost. Here’s a breakdown of key elements that influence pricing:

  1. Surgeon’s Fees: This covers the time spent preparing for and conducting your surgery. Pricing is typically based on things like the caliber of the surgeon’s experience, their location, etc.
  2. Anesthesia Fees: Anesthesia must be administered by a certified anesthesiologist or a nurse anesthetist, which influences the cost.
  3. Hospital or Surgical Facility Costs: The fees for the facility where the surgery takes place can vary widely based on location and the type of facility. Note: We do not charge you for surgical garments.
  4. Medical Tests: These can include blood tests, and possibly, other specific tests depending on your medical history.
  5. Post-Surgery Garments: Specific garments are usually required to support the healing process, manage swelling, and support the new body contours.
  6. Prescriptions for Medication: Post-operative care often involves medications for pain and to reduce the risk of infection. The cost of these prescriptions can vary.
  7. Implant Costs: For breast augmentation, the cost of the breast implants themselves can vary significantly depending on the type (silicone vs. saline), brand, and any special features they may have.

What to Expect During Your Mommy Makeover Consultation

Our consultation process is designed to ensure that you are fully informed and comfortable with the Mommy Makeover process. Here’s what you can expect during your initial consultation with Dr. Deutsch:

  1. Medical History Review: We’ll start with a thorough review of your medical history to ensure the procedures are safe for you.
  2. Goals and Expectations: Discuss your aesthetic goals and what results are achievable.
  3. Physical Examination: Dr. Deutsch will examine the targeted areas to assess the best approach for your breast augmentation and tummy tuck.
  4. Procedure Details: You’ll receive detailed information about the surgery techniques, types of breast implants, and how we address excess skin and fat during the tummy tuck.
  5. Risks and Complications: We’ll go over potential risks associated with the procedures and how we work to minimize them.
  6. Recovery Insights: You’ll learn more about the recovery process, including the expected downtime and post-surgery care requirements.
  7. Visual Aids: View before and after photos of past patients to set realistic expectations for your results.
  8. Cost and Logistics: We will provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved and discuss any available financing options.
  9. Questions and Answers: We encourage you to ask questions or share any concerns you might have during the consultation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mommy Makeovers

It’s the talk of the town during play dates and in carpool lines: new moms want to look better. There are exercise programs, diets, and cosmetic procedures customized for post-childbearing women to get back in shape, and all of these things are part of their conversations. But they also have questions about so-called “mommy makeovers.”

You may have many questions about mommy makeovers if you’re a mom. If so, you’ve come to the right place because Dr. Mark Deutsch, MD, FACS in Atlanta, has the information you’re looking for. Here are his answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about the mommy makeover:

Q: What exactly is a mommy makeover?
A “mommy makeover” is not one set operation but a combination of procedures. Usually, though, a mommy makeover consists of a tummy tuck combined with a breast lift or augmentation, as these two areas are most affected by pregnancy and breastfeeding. If the breasts have not been affected, the mommy makeover might consist of a tummy tuck with liposuction instead. During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through dramatic change. Sagging breasts and loose stomach muscles are resistant to springing back after the child is born, even with diet and exercise. The mommy makeover is an enhancement that improves a woman’s appearance.
Q: How fast is the recovery process?
A: This varies from patient to patient and depends on the procedure that was done. Tummy tuck patients generally can start walking in the neighborhood the day they get home from surgery. Within one week, they can usually drive. After a few weeks, they can pick up their baby, and within 5 to 6 weeks, they can return to the gym to exercise and do heavy lifting. Breast lift and implant patients can also walk when they get home. They can drive once they have stopped taking pain meds, usually within a week after surgery, and resume lifting their baby and exercise at four weeks. If you have a desk job, I would say that ten days is an adequate amount of time off from work as long as you keep in mind the lifting restriction. Take it easy when starting back to work. Listen to your body.
Q: What makes a tummy tuck that's part of a mommy makeover different than a tummy tuck for someone who wasn't just pregnant?
Women who have had children are more likely to experience rectus diastasis, a condition where large abdominal muscles separate. This causes a noticeable bulge to form in the middle of the abdomen upon straining. Stretch marks (striae) from the pregnancy can also be visible on the belly. Both of these are addressed and repaired in a “mommy tummy tuck” procedure as part of the mommy makeover.”
Q: How soon after childbirth can a woman get plastic surgery?
I recommend waiting for at least 3 to 6 months after giving birth before getting any plastic surgery done on your abdomen or breasts. This will allow any retained fluid to leave your system and your hormone levels to return to normal. Giving your body enough time to heal before pursuing plastic surgery will ultimately lead to a safer and more predictable cosmetic result.
Q: Can women still breastfeed after getting a breast lift?
At least 50 percent of women should still be able to breastfeed after undergoing a breast lift procedure. The same applies to those who undergo a breast reduction. There are many techniques that plastic surgeons can use to perform a breast lift. Often, retaining sensation in the nipple and the ability to breastfeed depends on how much breast tissue is left attached to the areolar complex when the nipple is moved to its new position.
Q: How should a woman prepare for her mommy makeover?
Ensure you eat healthy, nutritious meals and have a good workout routine. Do the heavy cardio/weights now, as you will have to wait several weeks after surgery before resuming. Since you will be unable to pick up your young children for a few weeks following the procedure, I advise my patients to have childcare set up in advance. Furthermore, for the first few days, you may also need to arrange help for yourself at home. To help speed your recovery, take it easy those first few weeks.
Q: How much does a mommy makeover cost?
The pricing for the mommy makeover can vary depending on the breast procedure you are having performed. According to RealSelf, the average cost of a mommy makeover in Georgia is $11,000 – $19,000, depending on the exact procedures you have done, plus the cost of anesthesia and the facility. We are currently offering the “Mommy Makeover Special,” which is the tummy tuck with a second procedure for 15 percent off the second procedure. For additional information including pricing, please use the online contact form to send an e-mail stating which procedures you are interested in, and a Perimeter Plastic Surgery staff member will get back to you within one business day. Dr. Mark Deutsch is available for consultations with all prospective patients, so now is the perfect time to meet with Dr. Deutsch and see if you are the right candidate for a mommy makeover. To learn more about a mommy makeover, you can also visit Dr. Deutsch’s profile on Real Self.

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