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A woman’s body is one of the only constants throughout her life. Changes take place at every age, but physical health, wellness, and beauty can help every woman feel her best. Plastic surgery can be a powerful tool in helping women feel confident and empowered. Beauty trends and standards have evolved in recent decades, so while more and more women are interested in breast implants, the desired look and size have changed with the times. Join Perimeter Plastic Surgery to explore the surprising benefits of small breast implants as well as to learn about your Atlanta breast augmentation options.

Changing Ideas Of Breast Beauty

Just as fashion is evolving with the times, so is the ideal female form. Breast augmentation procedures entered mainstream awareness beginning in the late 1980s when a very different beauty standard was in place. A highly feminine, voluptuous body type was in high demand. Curvaceous celebrities such as Pamela Anderson exemplified the perfect body. Many women sought out large breast implants to match this popular look.

Large implants are still performed today, but surgeons have seen this trend decrease in recent years. Many women are returning to have their previous large implants removed or reduced. Young women getting implants for the first time tend to opt for smaller changes due to the benefits of small breast implants.

Today’s women are firm and confident in their ideas. When a woman chooses breast augmentation, she’s taking an active role in how she presents herself and her body to the world. It’s no surprise that women are choosing smaller breast implants, which prioritize a woman’s experience of her body rather than the enjoyment of others.

When it comes to breast augmentation, Atlanta women give four reasons why they choose a smaller implant: maintaining an active lifestyle, achieving believable results, their own safety concerns, and lifelong sustainability. Let’s explore each of these trends in more detail.

Maintaining An Active Lifestyle

The modern fashion, style, and beauty industry is still moving away from the pin-up-style curves of late 80s celebrities. However, the 1990s trends of heroin chic and eating disorders are also not welcomed. Today’s top beauties tend to have a long, lean, athletic build. If a woman has large buttocks, she likely built them in the gym. Her breasts are attractive but still allow her to run and move freely.

These trends reflect the growing acceptance of women’s sports and female athletes. As more girls grow up playing at a competitive level, it’s only natural that they idolize powerful female sports figures. Girls and teens value the hard work and high performance that are obvious in athletic body types. As they grow into young women, this lean and efficient figure remains a personal beauty ideal.

Additionally, active women want their bodies to help them perform, not to hold them back. High-impact exercise trends, including running, HIIT, and CrossFit, require a lean physique for the highest performance. During strenuous activity, large breasts can cause back, shoulder, and neck pain. Women with large implants may be unable to find uniforms or sports bras properly sized for their chests. That’s unappealing to today’s athletes.

Women who prioritize exercise, sports, and staying active are choosing smaller breast implants to maintain their physical lifestyle. Petite implants can help a woman feel youthful, shapely, and complete while not interfering with her favorite activities.

Achieving Believable Results

Along with changing beauty ideals, today’s society prefers subtle plastic surgery. Most people don’t want it to be obvious that they’ve “had work done.” The large breast implants of the 1990s could be identified at a glance. Women with such implants were noticeable for their curves and could risk looking disproportionate.

The trend today leans towards proportional, natural-looking breasts. Women hope to have their existing curves enhanced, not remade. They also desire implant positioning that creates a seamless, natural silhouette.

Small breast implants can be easily aligned with a woman’s natural body type and frame. This creates a youthful look to the breasts. Smaller implants can even help reposition the nipple in a more direct, straight direction, which helps women feel confident in their bodies. Perimeter Plastic Surgery can help you understand your options for the most realistic results possible.

Safety Concerns

Whether natural or implanted, large breasts can cause women to experience health problems. Breasts can cause a range of back, neck, shoulder, and chest concerns. Pain, sagging, scarring, loss of sensation, and skin thinning often occur in women with large breasts. A heavy chest can also lead to poor posture that exacerbates any other issues. It’s no wonder many women who develop large breasts choose to undergo reduction surgery as adults.

Smaller breast implants allow women to avoid these problems while still crafting a body they love. Women who previously had large implants placed can consider breast implant revision surgery to handle these concerns. These procedures involve moving the implant higher on the chest to reduce stretching or sagging. Choose more subtle implants to avoid such problems altogether.

Lifelong Sustainability

Goals, dreams, and desires change throughout our lives. It’s normal for our physical appearances to change as well. The aging process should ideally be a physical reflection of wisdom and experience gained. Many women who pursue large implants at a young age don’t feel that their breasts represent them as they advance in life. It’s common for women in this situation to change their breast size, either through breast implant removal surgery or by trading their original implants for something smaller.

Professional appearance is another concern of many women. As a woman’s career progresses, she may view her professional image in a different light. What seemed grown-up and fun for a new associate in her 20s might be undesired by a middle manager in her 30s or an executive in her 50s. Professionals often develop a more conservative business wardrobe as they age. Naturally, they want their body to match this aesthetic as well. A small breast implant is more likely to flatter women at any age in life, making this an ideal choice for augmentation.

Make The Right Choice The First Time

Breast implants can be revised if a woman isn’t happy with her initial augmentation or if her changing tastes and lifestyle have led her to prefer a different size. However, the best results occur when a woman is happy with her first implants.

If you’re considering breast augmentation, you should thoroughly discuss your goals with a qualified surgical practice such as Perimeter Plastic Surgery. Every woman’s body is different and your surgeon should be able to help you understand what implants could do for you. Your results will be unique but should also make you feel comfortable and confident.

Plastic surgeons measure breast implants in cubic centimeters or cc’s. This measurement is common in the medical field, but most people don’t encounter it in their daily lives. As a result, it can be hard to visualize how your implants could look without using a model. One way to estimate your results is with the rice test. This test will help you understand the different implant sizes and shapes available. Simply gather an old pair of pantyhose, dry rice, and a food scale.

Fill your pantyhose with enough rice to build the size implant you think you’d like. Then tuck this bundle into a non-padded bra and examine the results in a mirror. Consider the way your body looks, how your clothes fit, and how the size of your breasts makes you feel. If the size isn’t quite right, add or remove rice until you find the look you desire.

Once you’ve found the size you like, measure the pantyhose to see how much rice you added. One ounce of rice is about 30 cc’s, so multiply the weight of the rice by 30. This is roughly how many cc’s you would like your implants to be. You can take your rice implant to the plastic surgeon to help them understand the exact image you hope to achieve.

Atlanta Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation can help women feel empowered, confident, and whole. It’s important to choose the right size of implant for your lifestyle. Consider your physical activities, realistic goals, safety concerns, and lifetime journey when choosing an implant. Perimeter Plastic Surgery can help you learn about implants and see if a small implant is the best choice for you.

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