Niacin-Powered Skin Therapy

Nia24 ProductsFor Moderate to Severe Sun Damages

Photodamage leads to visible and invisible structural changes in the skin.

  • Sun damaged skin loses elasticity, becomes wrinkled and mottled.
  • Damaged DNA in skin cells causes the loss of genomic integrity resulting in the development of abnormal cell populations.
  • The process of repairing DNA damage and maintaining genomic integrity induces photo-immune suppression.

Scientific studies demonstrate the healing effects of Niacin.

Niacin is emerging as a key factor in protecting the skin from sun damage and aging. The bioactive form of Niacin, Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide (NAD), serves as a substrate in a number of biochemical reactions and plays a central role in energy metabolism. The beta-N-glycosylic bond of NAD can be cleaved by three types of enzymes, including poly (ADP-ri bose) polymerase or PARP-1.

  • The unique molecule, Pro-Niacin,™ transports Niacin in the form of Nicotinic Acid across the skin barrier deep into the cellular structure.
  • Nicotinic Acid is converted to NAD which
    • Repairs damaged DNA.
    • Stimulates energy metabolism and promotes skin turn over.
    • Stimulates the release of leptin.

Skin texture improved in 82% of study subjects.

Improvement was significant by 30 days and progressed over the 90-day trial period. The degree of improvement correlated with
the degree of photo damage.
NIA24 improved skin smoothness
Day 0 Day 90
Figure 7. Improvements in skin smoothness and texture and reduction in solar lentigines in a trial subject treated with 5% Pro-Niacin.™

Skin firmness improved in 53% of study subjects.

The greatest improvements in skin firmness were also seen in subjects with severe photo damage. Significant improvements were observed in the cheek and periorbital regions at 30 days, and greater improvement in all regions was achieved at 60 days.
NIA24 improved skin firmness
Day 0 Day 90
Figure 9. Improvements in chin and jaw firmness in a trial subject treated with 5% Pro-Niacin.™