Why is Plastic Surgery on the Rise?

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Plastic surgery is on the rise – in fact, it’s booming in spite of the pandemic we are all facing. This spike is known as the “Zoom Boom” because those close-up video conference calls are drawing attention to areas in need of tweaks and lifts. However, cosmetic procedures were on the rise even before we were all staring at ourselves throughout the day, and the reason may be surprising. With self-love on the rise, it may seem contradictory to some that so is plastic surgery. In reality, this body-positive trend is the reason more people are pursuing cosmetic procedures. Over the past five years, research shows that more cosmetic procedures have been done every year – over 250,000 more were performed in 2018 than in 2017.

There are a few key reasons why more people are choosing cosmetic surgery:

    1. Greater Acceptance
      The younger generations have really paved the way for self-improvement in terms of what it looks like and how it is talked about. Gen Xers are unapologetic and proudly share their experiences on all social media platforms. This has created a shift toward social openness that allows shared experiences to break down societal norms. Someone who is wary but interested in cosmetic surgery can find and follow someone else’s journey from the operating room to the last days of recovery. Sharing this process removes negative assumptions and promotes self-improvement. Individuals should make the changes that they feel are best for them and be able to make that choice confidently. Having this opportunity to learn from others’ experiences provides a sense of calm, ease, and confidence compared to doing something yourself and alone for the first time. This sense of community and empowerment was not possible just a few years ago.
    2. Zoom Boom
      During this COVID-19 pandemic more people are spending time in front of their cameras. Usually, we would not see ourselves interacting, working, and socializing on screen. You may find yourself noticing small imperfections that you have not noticed before. Plus, with all the time at home, this is a great time to schedule a procedure since you will have time to rest at home and recover.
    3. Affordable Services
      As more and more people seek out plastic surgery services, the price barrier has gone down. The stereotypical patient looks a little different than you might imagine. Celebrities and Beverly Hills housewives are not the common patients sitting in the waiting room. Most patients are working professionals. Also, there are numerous financing options available, including medical credit cards, personal loans, and payment plans offered by doctor’s offices. If you decide to seek a consultation, ask your doctor about the unique financing options available.
    4. Surgical and Technical Advances
      As technology advances, surgical procedures increasingly become safer and less invasive. Dr. Deutsch at Perimeter Plastic Surgery ensures that every procedure is done with precision and with the latest technology. You can expect consistent and reliable results. This can put your mind at ease when assessing risk and recovery for any operation.
    5. Health Benefits
      Not only do people seek plastic surgery for cosmetic effects and self-esteem, but there are also numerous health benefits. These include Botox for chronic migraines, excessive sweating, Bell’s palsy, and depression. Breast reductions often relieve back pain and disc problems. Other plastic surgery operations can prevent rashes and infections from excessive skin in people who undergo weight loss surgery. You can also argue that the mental health benefits that result from higher self-confidence are impactful in one’s daily life and overall wellness.
    6. Self- Esteem
      No matter what reason you decide to pursue plastic surgery, one of the main benefits and motivations is to increase self-esteem. In today’s society, we are subjected to constant criticism and often from ourselves. With the advancement in photography and smartphones, we all see photos of ourselves every day. With this newfound awareness, people often notice things they wish they could change about themselves. With the right research and surgeon, this choice can be a lifelong change that improves self-esteem and confidence and improves your lifestyle.

With the professionals at Perimeter Plastic Surgery in Atlanta, you can receive the trusted guidance you need to decide what procedure is best for you. Board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon Dr. Mark Deutsch has over 25 years of industry experience and has been voted Top Doctor by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. five years in a row. With his experienced team behind him, you can trust you will receive the best care possible and feel you are making the best decision for yourself and your body.

Some of the top requested procedures that are offered at Perimeter Plastic Surgery Include:

    1. Mommy makeovers
    2. Body contouring
    3. Tummy tucks (also known as an abdominoplasty, both mini and full)
    4. Breast implants (also known as augmentation)
    5. Breast lift
    6. Breast reconstruction (Flap Reconstruction, DIEP Flap, Latissimus Flap, TRAM Flap, Tissue Expanders, and Implants)
    7. Breast reduction
    8. Injectables
    9. Liposuction

To  compare these offerings to the national data, in 2018, some top  procedures were:

  1. breast augmentation (up 4% from 2017)
  2. liposuction (up 5%)
  3. tummy tuck (about the same)

And these numbers are projected to be even higher for 2020.

Perimeter Plastic Surgery also offers several non-surgical procedures, including:

  1. BOTOX®
  2. Juvederm®
  3. Restylane®
  4. Kybella®

While these are the most popular for non-surgical candidates, there are also numerous skincare products offered, such as Obagi and Elta.

The national top five noninvasive procedures in 2018 were:

  1. Botox (up 3% from 2017)
  2. fillers (up 2%)
  3. chemical peels (up 1%)
  4. laser hair removal (down 1%)
  5. microdermabrasion (down 4%)

So what are the next steps if you want to pursue plastic surgery?

    1. Consider all the factors

    With any medical procedure, there are benefits as well as risks. While most cosmetic procedures have minimal risk factors, it is important to understand pre and post-operation expectations. Some surgeries require weeks and even months of recovery – this requires planning and patience.

    Additionally, you should make sure this is a change you are ready and willing to make. Be sure that your “why” is for you. There is nothing wrong with changing your appearance, but doing it for the wrong reasons can result in a permanent change that may not be rewarding in the long run. Consider the future, and if this procedure results in lifelong happiness, relief, or confidence, seek out a trusted doctor to discuss your options.

    1. Specify Your Desired Changes

    Once you have made the decision to seek out a consultation, it is important to be clear and specific with your doctor about what you want to change. Being vague such as saying “larger breasts,” “more shapely thighs,” or “better skin” does not necessarily translate the image you have in your head. The goal of any plastic surgeon is to perform a safe and successful procedure that results in your desired outcome. So to help with this process and the success of your procedure – ask plenty of questions, be honest, and paint a clear picture for them of how you want to look.

    Plastic Surgery Resources:

    Here are a few resources that patients can reference:

    • ABCS Patient Resources
      • Details about specific procedures, how to plan your procedure, certification information, and tips on how to find the right surgeon for you.
    • Perimeter Plastic Surgery for Men
      • Don’t be fooled that cosmetic surgery is only for women. Men and women alike have subtleties that they would like to change. Men here is your guide to how Perimeter Plastic Surgery can meet your needs.
    • Before and After Photos
      • Reference this link to see the before and after results of real-life Perimeter Plastic Surgery patients. See if the results fit your needs and use photos to better describe to the doctor what you want to be done for your procedure.

    Cosmetic procedures can serve different purposes and have various benefits for different individuals. If you do your research on plastic surgeons in Atlanta, trust your doctor, and feel this is best for you, then you should seek a consultation with us at Perimeter Plastic Surgery.