What Should I Wear to My Breast Augmentation Surgery?

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Once you have scheduled the date for your breast augmentation procedure, it is time to think about preparing your overnight bag. We have some great clothing tips that will keep you comfortable on the day of your surgery and the days and weeks that follow.

What Should You Wear On the Day of Your Surgery?

Comfort is key – wearing comfortable and loose-fitting clothes that are easy to remove before the surgery is the best choice. Try to avoid wearing clothes with difficult closures that could be tricky to remove. Do not wear boots with long laces, tight dresses with rear zips, or other types of clothing that are hard to remove.

What Are the Best Post-Breast Augmentation Clothes?

Immediately following a breast augmentation procedure, you are likely to experience soreness and possibly a small amount of bruising. You may also experience some discomfort when you move your arms away from your body, as this will stretch your chest muscles. Therefore, wearing comfortable clothes is essential. Pick easy on-and-off garments such as button-up blouses or a hoodie with a front zipper. You will also need to wear a soft compression bra once the bandages are off. A postoperative bra is essential for your recovery. They can help reduce swelling and support implants, and Dr. Deutsch will provide a surgical bra for you that will be placed immediately following surgery.

One Week After Surgery: You may start wearing regular clothes once the bruising and swelling have reduced. However, you must continue to wear a soft compression bra for at least the first three weeks after the procedure. Once your range of motion improves, you can choose any outfit you feel comfortable in. Be sure to wear a sports bra that fits correctly and doesn’t hamper the healing process.

After Three Weeks: At about the one-month mark, you can switch to a soft bra of your choice during outings, as long as it has no underwire. However, we recommend wearing a sports bra while at home to prevent prolonged compression of the breast tissue and scarring. Please also avoid wearing lace bras, which can lead to scarring and irritation and could displace the implant.

When to Wear Normal Clothes?

Many patients count the days until they can return to the clothes and undergarments they love. However, it is best to wait at least six weeks after surgery to get back into your form-fitting garments, and essential not to rush to wear an underwire bra. When the time comes and you get clearance from the doctor, live it up in what you love!

When in doubt, feel free to ask the doctor about what you can or cannot wear. If you need a revision procedure, please consult your doctor on post-surgery care. To learn more about breast augmentation in Atlanta, contact the best plastic surgeon in town, Dr. Mark Deutsch, at Perimeter Plastic Surgery. Call us today at (404) 255-0886 or schedule a consultation.