What are the Steps Involved in Breast Augmentation Surgery?

Doctor measuring the size of a patient's breasts

If you are considering Breast Augmentation surgery but are unsure what it entails or if it would be right for you, read here to get the facts from Dr. Deutsch.

In its most simplistic meaning, Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure in which an implant is inserted to increase breast volume. While breast augmentation currently ranks as the number one cosmetic surgery in the United States, your reasons for Breast Augmentation can be quite varied. From wanting to restore breast volume after weight loss or breastfeeding to simply enlarge naturally smaller breasts, correct non-symmetrical breasts, or even correct tuberous breast deformities.


The Consultation with Dr. Deutsch

Dr. Deutsch likes to meet with each patient personally prior to surgery to discuss your desired outcome and vision. As part of this discussion, together, you will determine the best implant size for you. Measurements of your breast width and the distance between your sternal notch (the indentation above the breast bone) and nipple will be taken. These measurements, along with your frame size and personal preferences, will help determine the perfect size. You will also discuss implant placement and type.

  • Implant placement: After selecting the correct implant size for you, Dr. Deutsch will discuss implant placement. The implant can be inserted under or on top of the pectoralis muscle. Placing the implant under the muscle provides a more natural appearance for women who don’t have a lot of natural tissue. Dr. Deutsch recommends placing the implant on top of the muscle for women with ample breast tissue or who choose the softer saline implant.
  • Implant type: Finally, Dr. Deutsch will help you choose the correct implant that fits you best: silicone or saline. Each is a personal preference. The silicone implants made today are thicker with a more concentrated gel inside, mimicking a more natural appearance and feel. Saline implants are also very popular, providing a firmer appearance and feel, which is preferable to some patients. They are also less costly.

Once these particulars have been settled, your Breast Augmentation in Atlanta will be scheduled with Dr. Deutsch. Here’s how the rest of the process will look so you know what to expect.

Scheduling Your Surgery

You will then contact our Surgical Coordinator at Perimeter Plastic Surgery to find a surgical date that works best with your schedule.

The Procedure Day

  • At the Hospital
    All procedures are done in a hospital where you will be administered anesthesia. You have your choice of intravenous and general anesthesia. Dr. Deutsch will recommend the best option for you, although most breast augmentations are performed while under general anesthesia. You will feel groggy, notice some symptoms of an upset stomach, and may experience some other mild effects, which will all wear off after a few hours from surgery.
  • Breast Implant Placement
    Dr. Deutsch will make an inconspicuous incision based on the choice you made in the consultation for your Atlanta Breast Augmentation. Dr. Deutsch will make the incision as small as possible and in the most naturally occurring area possible to lessen the appearance of the surgical scar.

After Surgery/Going Home

You are sent home from the hospital with another adult to monitor you for the first 24 hours. You will be able to drive once you are no longer using the narcotic pain medicine, and most patients return to work within 2-3 days after the surgery.

You will wear a special surgical bra home from the hospital and continue to wear it for about 4-6 weeks, avoiding strenuous activities. You will want to sleep on your side or back for the duration of this time.

Perimeter Plastic Surgery will schedule aftercare appointments with Dr. Deutsch and/or our nursing staff to answer any follow-up questions you may have, ensure your recovery is going well, and that the incisions are healing properly.

With over 20 years of plastic surgery experience, you can rest assured that your Atlanta Breast Augmentation performed by Dr. Deutsch will get you the results you want from the caring, safe, and ethical team at Perimeter Plastic Surgery.