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Stay Home, Stay Safe, and Keep Your Shirt On

(No Really, Please Keep Your Shirt ON!)

Call (404) 255-0886 or email info@perimeterplasticsurgery.com


In light of the COVID-19 (coronavirus) situation, we encourage all of our patients and prospective patients, regardless of symptoms, to stay home and practice safe social distancing to minimize their risk of transmitting the virus. For this reason, we are pleased to offer virtual consultations to allow you to meet and get to know Dr. Deutsch, as well as answer any preliminary questions you may have, all from the privacy of your own home.

A personal conversation with Dr. Deutsch 

Think of the information discussed during your virtual consultations like a conversation you might have with a neighbor or close friend who is a doctor—you may ask for their opinions or suggestions, but wouldn’t expect them to diagnose or prescribe medication without being seen in their doctor first.

What to expect from your call:

  1. You will receive detailed information about any procedures that you are considering.
  2. Dr. Deutsch will provide you with surgical options for the outcome that you desire based on your conversation. 
  3.  A note will be created in your medical chart and you will receive a basic quote for the procedure.

Meeting Face-to-Face

These virtual consultations are educational in nature only and are not a substitute for a formal, in-person consultation. It is still necessary to meet in person for a final evaluation and firm quote and before we will schedule any procedure. Please be aware that calls will be responded to within an hour during regular business hours. Our staff is currently working at home to do our part to minimize person-to-person contact during COVID-19.

Disclaimer – HIPAA Compliance and Liability

We take precautions to ensure your privacy and follow HIPAA regulations for all client communications. However, please understand that whenever information is shared online there is a slight risk of compromised security. For this reason, we do NOT allow any partial or full nudity during consultations. Any patient who begins exposing themselves will have the call immediately terminated. 

Here is how is our Virtual Consultations Work:

  1. Call our office at (404) 255-0886 and let our staff know you’d like to schedule a virtual consultation with Dr. Deutsch. 
  2. You will receive an email with a link to fill out a preliminary questionnaire and sign a consent form. After this has been completed, our staff will arrange a time for your virtual consultation. 
  3. You will receive a phone call or a link to join the virtual consultation with Dr. Deutsch at the agreed-upon time. Virtual consultations are limited to 30-minute sessions. Have a great conversation! 
  4. After your call, our team will be in touch to schedule an in-person consultation once the COVID-19 situation has improved, and it is once again considered safe to resume in-person meetings. 

Examples of what we CAN discuss:

  • Your general health and potential candidacy for procedures
  • Facts, information, expectations, recovery, and outcomes of various procedures
  • 2nd opinions based on previous consultations at a high level (in-person follow up will be required)
  • Any questions or concerns you may have

Examples of what we CANNOT do:

  • You CANNOT display physical nudity during video consultations 
  • Dr. Deutsch cannot provide specific diagnosis or surgical recommendations, only broad recommendations based on your conversations
  • Dr. Deutsch cannot order labs or imaging, diagnose your condition, prescribe particular treatments, or in other ways act as your physician via virtual consultations